Athena’s Voice speakers tell stories that are emotional, evocative, powerful, and inspirational. They deconstruct these stories to lead the audience to a deeper understanding and lessons that they can apply to their own lives.

Our speakers are genuine and vulnerable. Our mission is our clients’ success - we are focused on their event themes, key messages, and enhancing the client’s event purpose. To that end, our speakers tailor their stories and lessons to echo and reinforce the client’s objective.

We take this approach from the initial engagement through the media and promotional activities, to the end of the event. Each speaker can craft a unique experience for your event alone or with any combination from our speaker roster.*



“Lucky” P


An eloquent and articulate speaker, known for her selfless service on 9/11, Lucky can move audiences with her compelling stories of courage and strength.


Tammy "G." Barlette

A passionate and energetic speaker, Tammy will move your audience to action. She skillfully weaves her warrior experiences of courage and grit into thought provoking relatable stories.


Kim "Killer Chick" Campbell

A proven senior military leader, KC, will bring lessons of bravery and perseverance that will transform your audience. A recipient of the Air Force’s highest medal for aerial flight, the Distinguished Flying Cross, KC shares how the power of stories helped her expertly fly a severely damaged A-10, crippled by enemy fire, back to friendly territory.


Sharon "Betty" Preszler

As the first female F-16 pilot in the U.S. Air Force, "Betty" is a straight-talker who brings humor, insight, grit, and experience to your event.


Christina “Thumper” Hopper

Known for her engaging wisdom, athleticism, and drive, “Thumper” unveils the warrior mentality underlying her successes in flight, sport, and at home. Sharing unique lessons from her life as an African- American fighter pilot, world class triathlete and mother, she tells a compelling tale of overcoming adversity that challenges others to find their worth and unleash their inner warrior.


Kate "Jiga" Lowe

A dynamic and approachable speaker Jiga will add energy, humor and incredible insight to any event with her captivating stories about flying, football, and family.


Vanessa "Siren" Mahan

A naturally charismatic speaker, Siren’s powerful presence, coupled with her strong inner courage make her a riveting speaker that your audience won’t soon forget.


Shelly "Gringa" Mendienta

This tenacious Texan embodies an earnest yet caring leadership style. Her words of wisdom, coupled with her straight shooting, no nonsense style will inspire and embolden your audience.


Melissa "SHOCK" May

A recipient of the U.S. Air Force's Distinguished Flying Cross, the Service's highest medal for aerial flight recognizing courage and heroism in aerial combat, SHOCK is a natural story-teller who brings joy and humor to your event.


Erin "Aero" Orga

Aero’s relatable and fascinating journey through the fighter pilot world and into corporate America make her an engaging speaker for a diverse crowd.


Shannon "Grizz" Cary

Humble and earnest, "Grizz" is a passionate speaker with warmth and authenticity. Her adventure filled Alaskan upbringing, wit, insight and compassion for others makes her an engaging and memorable speaker.


Chandra Beckman

Chandra’s calm stoicism gives way to her simmering passion for finding your own best well-being as she interweaves stories of flying and wellness.


Valerie "TWITCH" Annunziata

Twitch combines youthful exuberance with experienced wisdom to bring your audience up close and personal with America’s newest fighter aircraft and the lessons she learned to master it.


*Individual speaker fees range from $8,000-$25,000

The GIVE BACK option: A paying client may choose to sponsor, at no additional fee, a special appearance by the speaker at a local school or other organization that would greatly benefit from our message, but does not have the budget. This type of sponsorship is a wonderful relationship builder, and can bring positive community attention and media for all parties concerned. These appearances are usually within 24 hours of the paid event, are limited to approximately 60 minutes, must be local to the paid event, and can be either a formal speech, question and answer session, or a meet and greet.